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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wicki's Top Ten Ways Back to FUN!
Volume 1 / Issue 5/ 12/2011
Dear Fellow Artist:

•  Do you suffer from studio dread?
•  Are your 'starts' and 'laters' snarking at you from the corner?
•  Has being in your studio become boring?

Well, join the club...I've diagnosed me with the same symptoms. Let's get more fun into our painting, I double-dog dare you to try some of "Wicki's Top Ten Ways to Put the FUN back in painting!"

Of course, I want to know...post yours on our Facebook Group, Tips 'n Tricks.

Enjoy Being In Your Studio Again!
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  1. Those Top 10 look like some good suggestions. I'm thinking they would all make great Challenges!

  2. You are very RIGHT, Diana! I just re-read these, and several would make a good challenge. Feel Free to pick one and use. MyArtTutor will appreciate it!