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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wicki's Top Ten Ways Back to FUN!
Volume 1 / Issue 5/ 12/2011
Dear Fellow Artist:

•  Do you suffer from studio dread?
•  Are your 'starts' and 'laters' snarking at you from the corner?
•  Has being in your studio become boring?

Well, join the club...I've diagnosed me with the same symptoms. Let's get more fun into our painting, I double-dog dare you to try some of "Wicki's Top Ten Ways to Put the FUN back in painting!"

Of course, I want to know...post yours on our Facebook Group, Tips 'n Tricks.

Enjoy Being In Your Studio Again!
Top Ten Ways to FUN :) Passport Series Lyn Diefenbach

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assignments, bonus reading,
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The pursuit of masterly quality and technique is a high priority for
Lyn Diefenbach. Lyn's ability to communicate her ideas has entrenched her as a respected and sought-after tutor, with teaching engagements internationally and across Australia.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Please like us :)

Check it out! 

We also announced our Facebook Group on Saturday and it took off like a rocket!

MyArtTutor's Tips 'n Tricks is open to all artists...and we encourage each and every one of you to share your Tips 'n Tricks with every one of your Facebook Friends!

We've already gotten some great tips!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Carol and David Marine lost their home – a fundraiser

Carol Marine is a leader in the art community, especially active online. Her daily paintings are such a delight in my mailbox every morning. David's mini-painting rig is on my easel right now...I hope he can get back to making them soon!

 It is truly devastating to lose all your earthly belongings to ANYTHING, especially fire. Believe me, it takes everything.

Once the shock wears off, they'll feel violated and naked. Thankfully they all got out safe.

 The link below is from their family friend...feel free to share and participate! Carol and David lost their home – a fundraiser

 xxoo vicki

Thursday, June 2, 2011

IAPS Arrival Day, Thursday, June 2

SO much fun to arrive a bit early...even if just a few hours. Quiet check-in, then 'LET THE GAMES BEGIN'!

Mr. Les was waiting in the cafe, and he quickly finished his little salad, jumped in the car with us and we drive to Old Town for some mexican food.  On the way back, Kippy called and had just arrived. She had heard about the opening reception for the Master Circle art show from 5-8.

After a well-deserved rest, off we went to the show. Except the only directions were on the internet...and the hotel gave us the wrong name for the facility. Quick search on iPhone, and a caravan formed with a taxi in the lead...we were miles away from the real destination!

The event was in full swing, beautiful food tables set up, and a very warm New Mexico night (read: no AC). It was a real whirlwind...absorb the 150 or so paintings, or hugs and 'so glad to see you's'. We managed to do a bit of both. Quite a crowd.

Since the last IAPS in 2009, Facebook has kept many of us in contact. Because of that, conversations picked up without that 2 year delay of 'what's new'? Several artists I met for the first time in person...we felt like old friends already. Now, that's cool!

Back to the hotel, and pockets of people visiting and chatting throughout the open areas. Sounds of happy resonate everywhere.

Artists are a great group of humans...warm, friendly, eager to include anyone...even share their appetizers!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The invention that unlocked a locked-in artist

This is totally awesome, and uplifting!

We have similar goals for MyArtTutor  :)



Thursday, April 7, 2011

Congratulations to our Erika Nelson!

Erika Nelson handing her work to Jan Ironside
Please allow us to toot our own horn!  Some of you might know our creative film editor is Erika Nelson.  Her Internet multimedia experience goes back to when she worked for a film studio in Hollywood California.  Erika has truly been an asset to MyArtTutor for her experience and eagerness to make our films helpful and effective tools for our art students!

Erika's talents don't stop at Internet creations; she is also a visual artist with over 20 years experience under her belt and a BFA degree in Drawing and Painting!  She is a commissioned portrait artist and exhibits her other works too. Today she announced in her blog http://artbyerika.blogspot.com/ that she has been accepted in another local gallery called Poor Richard's Art.  Click on the image below to view her gallery bio page

Poor Richard's Art 

Erika's latest MyArtTutor film is a trailer for Ann Templeton's workshop "Aspens".  Click on image below to view it on VoiceThread website.