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Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Some Artists Almost Always
Create Great Paintings:

  • ...they have learned color chemistry 
    • how certain colors 'hold hands' 
  • ...they can 'find the painting' in a view of the landscape
    • ...or how to remember when the tide comes in
  • ...they spend time and effort setting up a still life
    • ...knowing how to balance the eye flow
  • ...they concentrate on the lighting
    • ...how minute changes can alter the drama of a painting
  • ...they understand the impact of background variations
    • ...getting a totally different look using the same pigments on different colored ground
  • ...they practice painting the parts
    • ...if you can paint an apple, you can paint a face
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Thea D.
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  1. This video explains so well how My Art Tutor works! It is so interactive and words are hard to come by to describe how perfect this product it! ;)

    Thea x x x

  2. Thank you Thea! It is our aim to encourage every artistic urge in our students! :)