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Friday, December 3, 2010

Thea in Sorolla's House

A MyArtTutor Star Student sees Sorolla up close and personal!

 "The Horse's Bath"
© 1909 Sorolla

I was introduced to Sorolla's work through Timothy C. Tyler (one of MyArtTutors). Impressed by his loose style when looking in a book, but then I realized that the size was monstrous to be that casual...80.7 inches x 98.5 inches...6 x 8 FEET. Now, that is impressive, and that ain't all, scooby-do.

He painted it from life! On the beach! Now that requires one heck of a pochade box and tripod...hahaha! Known as the 'Master of Light' you can see why when you visit his website. Wonder how he got that horse to stand still?

Quotes attributed to Sorolla:

"I could not paint at all if I had to paint slowly. Every effect is so transient, it must be rapidly painted.”

"The great difficulty with large canvases is that they should by right be painted as fast as a sketch. By speed only can you gain an appearance of fleeting effect. But to paint a three yard canvas with the same dispatch as one of ten inches is well-nigh impossible.”

The complete works by Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida

Thea has studied with 3 of our tutors...Timothy C. Tyler, Urania Christy Tarbet, and Margaret Evans. She's been painting for a relatively short time, mostly in acrylics. In the past several months Thea has been experiencing oil and soft pastels.

"Thea's Rose"
©2010 Thea
soft pastel on Black Canson 

She is a new fan of soft pastels, and above is Thea's first pastel effort...a rose from Urania's Class #6001 "Floral Still Life.

"Black Rock Cottage"
©2010 Thea
soft pastel on Ampersand PastelBord

Her first pastel landscape was created for Margaret's "Glencoe" Class #4001 (above)

©2010 Thea
Acrylic on canvas

And a stunning variation of Tim's class #1001, "Still Life" executed in acrylic.

Way to go Thea!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wow. Where does the time go?

OPS "Pastel Panorama" 2010
Best of Show winner Julie Mayser
Vicki Ross, Director MyAT
presenting award sponsored by Urania Christy Tarbet and MyArtTutor

Team MyAT has been polishing, tweaking, writing copy, working on classes. Some of us have taken advantage of the beautiful NWArkansas fall by painting outside one day a week for the past EIGHT! We had such great weather.

There are three classes available to START NOW at MyArtTutor.com. Global ~ Online ~ Interactive. Study with privacy and repeat the classes until you are confident. Our technology allows you to re-visit the workshop indefinitely, and watch it change as new students interact.

Several of us attended the Ozark Pastel Society annual show last weekend:

Judge Todd Williams and Vicki Ross

MyAT CEO, Ron Klein and Vicki Ross

Here are some pretty pictures:

"Thea's Rock"
pastel demo by Vicki Ross

"The gang"
strong winds forced us behind a building

Beautiful Arkansas Tree
tree study by Vicki Ross

Klein/Ross on location

Ross, Klein, Ross, Tyler, Leonard 

Old Building
© Timothy C. Tyler

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Launch any day now!

Team MyAT is pleased to announce that our first class to launch is "Still Life" #101 by Timothy C. Tyler (oil).

Followed shortly thereafter by:

"Pastel Exploration" #201 by Kippy Hammond (pastel);

"Sepia Portrait Dan" #301 by Leslie B. DeMille (conté/pastel)

"Glencoe" #401 by Margaret Evans (pastel)

"Floral Still Life" #601 by Urania Christy Tarbet (pastel)

"Aspens" #701 by Ann Templeton (oil)

It is our mission to teach skills to students worldwide using the most effective means available and to bring the best tutors in the world to bear on that goal.

Classes are interactive and totally private. We make material lists available for each tutor and let you know when and why a particular tutor's instruction requires a certain pigment or ground.

Each class contains pertinent assignments scattered throughout. In addition to the main teaching demonstration, there are assignments that will break down the elements needed for a successful painting. We want you to participate by putting pigment on paper and then talking about it!

A public blog is provided that you can share with your friends and family. We do all the technical stuff, all you have to have is a good internet connection and a digital camera. Our Student Service staff will do all the uploading for you!

For example: on a portrait class, the tutor may encourage you to just paint features until you feel comfortable with them. A floral still life might have a student practice painting one flower before jumping in to the grand finale.

Assignments are in 3 levels: casual, enthusiastic, and passionate. It does not matter which level you choose...what does matter is that you will become aware of what exercises make the difference between a beginner/casual and a passionate/professional.

MyArtTutor will provide you with a great experience by allowing you to study at your own pace, from your own home/studio.